Finally, a canned gluten-free and dairy-free soup that is palatable. Not only palatable, but actually quite good. I can’t tell you how many canned GF and DF soups I’ve tried only to be left disappointed and well, gagging. I think I’ve tried maybe 6 different brands (there aren’t many) and every single one of them tasted weird, smelled weird, and even looked weird. Not this one though! Evidently Wolf Gang Puck knows a thing or two about making a superior canned soup.  And I didn’t have to stand in the isle for 20 minutes reading all of his cans either. Right on the front of the can, his gluten-free soups say…Gluten Free clearly. Can you imagine? Seems easy enough but believe me, typically those of us who eat gluten-free have to spend a lot of time reading ingredient labels. All I had to do was skim quickly through his ingredient lists to make sure there wasn’t any dairy and less than 1 minute later, two of his soups were in my cart. They are pricey like most “specialty” foods, but the one I had yesterday for lunch was delicious and worth it.

As you know Wolfgang Puck is a famous chef and owns numerous restaurants and has a nice product line of all kinds of foods. They have kind of dubbed him the King of television chefs because he basically pioneered the whole idea of bringing cooking shows to our living rooms. What amazes me is that someone who isn’t even “in” the gluten-free world could make such a good product after I’ve tried numerous things from companies whose main focus is gluten-free or dairy- free and their products are hideous. I’m going to speak for myself and the whole gluten-free world when I say that Wolfgang’s gluten-free soup gets a very excited two thumbs up.

This is what it looks like when the can is opened…always a somewhat exciting and unsettling adventure for me. Looks like a “normal” can of soup and doesn’t smell funky either. Yay! So far so good.

This is what it looks like when it’s cooked and ready to eat. Just like normal soup and delicious!

One Comment on “Finally!

  1. WOW….I’ve seen his soups in the grocery store and ignored them because of past experiences with GF soup…..BLECH! Thanks for posting this. It’s one of my favorite types too. I love the fact that it has wild rice in it, It looks delicious, I’ll have to try it. How much was it in Spokane? I’ll check my local area price (San Antonio)


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