Lettuce Wrapped Lunch

Since going gluten-free I’ve come to really appreciate the bunless burger. On occasion, I do make gluten-free hamburger buns but truthfully, a hamburger is just as tasty wrapped in lettuce. It certainly makes for a lighter meal and if you are OK with having meat without a bun, it definitely opens up opportunities to eat out.  Ahh…eating out. Something we used to do quite frequently prior to my diet changes. Usually in sit down restaurants I can find at least one thing on the menu I can eat, but as most of you know, it can be pretty difficult if you’re out and about and just want to grab a quick bite to eat. Shockingly, Carl’s Junior makes a darn fine gluten-free, dairy-free burger. It’s an Angus burger wrapped in lettuce with mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles (I get extra), and cheese. I get mine without the cheese of course.

But today…it’s gloomy and rainy and cold outside, the perfect day for a nice barbecued burger from home. Flame “broiled” in fact, medium rare, with organic onion,tomatoes, lettuce,  Bubbie’s pickles, sweet hot mustard, and gluten-free ketchup…just the way I like it!

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