11 Of My Favorite Cookbooks

When I first entered into the gluten-free world I thought I was going to be stuck with what was being sold online or in the very small gluten-free isles in our local grocery stores. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was not going to be OK with a lot of what I was seeing. I did mountains of internet research and spent a lot of time at Barnes & Noble trying to figure out this whole gluten-free thing. I Googled everything I could think of. I read magazine articles. I skimmed through tons of books on living gluten-free. I talked to other people who have food allergies. I tried to absorb as much information as possible because I was unwilling to listen to those negative nellies who told me how hard it is to live gluten-free.

Once I realized that many people before me had obviously been to the grocery store and had a look at what there was being offered in the GF isle and were equally as upset, I started to calm down and settle into this new way of thinking. I experimented with GF mixes and different types of GF flours to see what I was up against. Once I became more familiar with the science of baking gluten-free, then I stepped out and ventured into the world of recipe conversion. Converting gluten-full recipes to gluten-free recipes. It’s so much easier than I would have ever guessed! Once I figured out I could do that, then I was truly inspired and very excited to start creating my own recipes. There are so many things to use for inspiration when baking. Pictures, combinations of recipes, flavors, old family recipes that need a new and exciting twist…the list goes on and on.

I promise you that living allergy free is not nearly as difficult as some people would have you think. Here’s a list of eleven of my favorite cookbooks that I often refer to when I’m looking for ideas and inspiration.

Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

I decided to list this one first, because I absolutely love it. It has every simple, traditional recipe you can think of. Kind of funny that it’s called the “New” cookbook because I’m pretty sure someone gave it to us as a wedding gift…almost 20 years ago. It’s a classic, and perfect for looking through when you have ideas about converting recipes.

Gluten Free Mama’s Best Baking Recipes

This cookbook has more than one hundred recipes that you can try with her almond flour blend and her coconut flour blend. One of my families all time favorite recipes from this book is her Blueberry Yogurt Muffins. To die for. Gluten Free Mama’s Almond Blend All Purpose Gluten Free Flour is the number one flour I use for the majority of my baking. It is also excellent for recipe conversions. This is her first cookbook, she now has another one on the market as well.

Cooking For Isaiah

I reviewed this cookbook not too long ago. I can’t rave enough about it! Every single recipe I’ve tried is perfect and delicious. You can read the review and see a picture of  her doughnuts that I made here.

250 Gluten-Free Favorites

My husband and son bought me this cookbook for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. I haven’t even made it past the bread section, they are that good. I also like the fact that I can change flours and other ingredients without having to worry too much about the outcome.

Better Homes & Gardens Old-Fashioned Home Baking

I have had this cookbook for twenty years. There are food stains in it and half of the pages are dog-eared. Definitely a sign of a great cookbook. Beautiful, classic, old-fashioned baking, right at your finger tips just waiting to be converted.

Rose’s Christmas Cookies

Here’s another awesome cookbook I’ve had for twenty years. It’s moved five times with us so you know it’s worth it. Hundreds of cookie recipes, tons of which work wonderfully with gluten-free flour and ingredients.

Farm House Cookbook

This is the neatest cookbook. Filled with farm-house comfort food recipes that have a little story to go along with each one. Fantastic!


Fresh Food Fast

This cookbook is packed with fresh, easy recipes from soups and salad, to sandwiches, shellfish, and poultry. They even have a meat-less section. I haven’t run across one thing in this cookbook that can’t be converted to gluten-free.

Salads A Collection of Over 100 Essential Recipes

I grabbed this one at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago when I was meandering around. It is filled with beautiful, fresh, and delicious salads. Each recipe has its own picture, which I love! If you’re like me and get tired of the same old side dishes, this cookbook is for you.

Easy Vegetarian

I love meat. Plain and simple. But…in an attempt to lighten up on the red meat and enter more veggies and fresh foods into our diets, I purchased this lovely cookbook. Again, this one has a picture to go with every recipe. I’ve only had the chance to try a couple of the recipes but so far, so good. The recipes are so flavorful and the outcome so beautiful, that you won’t even miss the meat.

The Everything Mediterranean Diet Book

Don’t misunderstand the word “diet”. They do claim that if you change over to a Mediterranean diet that you will lose weight. However, that’s not why I bought this book. It’s filled with all kinds of information about eating healthier and living healthier. It has tons of fun and delicious recipes, I would highly recommend it.

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