Hot Breakfast Cereal

I ran across this in the grocery store yesterday while I was in the cereal isle dreaming of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, Frosted Mini Wheats, and Lucky Charms. Remember those days? When you could seemingly eat whatever you wanted and feel just fine? Sigh. Another cereal I think of a lot is Maypo. Occasionally my grandma would make that for me and it was SO good. With butter and brown sugar, and then there were her pancakes fried in a cast iron griddle with butter and chocolate chip smiley faces… I’m getting way off track now and all of the sudden rice cereal certainly pales in comparison.

But really, if you’re a fan of Cream of Wheat and you’re gluten free now, Cream of Rice is quite good. It’s not just for babies and you can top it with anything you’d like, sweet or savory. I like to make mine with almond milk and top it with dairy free butter and brown sugar or dried berries and walnuts. I use a little less cereal than the box calls for because I prefer mine a bit creamier. I’m sure there’s probably an organic, brown rice, healthier version out there, but that’s a post for another day…

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