Gluten Free Beer

Green's Gluten Free Beer

When I realized I needed to take gluten out of my diet, I just figured that it meant I wasn’t going to be able to have an occasional beer. Sad, because it pairs nicely with so many things! About a year into living without gluten, I think it was my brother-in-law who introduced me to gluten free beer. I’ve tried a few different brands and Green’s is by far my favorite. They have two other types, Endeavour Dubble Ale, and Quest Triple Ale. All of them are very good. I prefer the darker varieties so I usually setttle on the Dubble Ale or the Amber Ale. The beers are brewed at Andelot DeProef Browerij, in Lochristi, Belgium…which honestly, I think knowing that, makes them taste even better. This isn’t some watered down variety made by some of the larger brewers in the U.S. that tastes like you’re having a little bit of beer with your H2o. Their gluten-free beers are made from millet, sorghum, rice, and buckwheat, as well as classic hop varieties, they are fermented with a traditional Belgian yeast strain and bottle-conditioned. They are also vegan. They are pricey…a little over $5.00 a piece. But in their defense, their bottles are large, (1 pint), and in my opinion, worth every penny.

3 Comments on “Gluten Free Beer

  1. I love these beers too. The blonde is my favorite. I have grown accustom to redbridge and even bards. When I first went gluten free I really did not like the taste at all but now 3 1/2years later regular beer tastes and even smells so funny. Amazing how tastes change.


    • I haven’t even tasted a regular beer since I went gluten-free. I do crave a Black & Tan every now and then though. I bet I could do that with the dark beer and the blonde….hmmm… I agree, it is amazing how tastes change once you’re forced to alter your diet. I don’t crave a lot of things that I used to. I’m still holding out for cheese that really tastes like cheese though. 🙂


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