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2015-05-31 10.22.47

You’ve heard the term, “From Farm To Table”?

2015-05-31 09.55.18

Well at my house, it’s From Patio To Table. In the last months of winter we purchased garden boxes to place all around the patio.

2015-05-31 09.55.41

Then, we filled them with organic soil and the second the weather was nice enough, I planted all kinds of organic seeds. I was pleased to embrace the whole square foot gardening “thing”. You really don’t need a ton of room to grow a lot of fantastic veggies.

2015-05-31 09.55.52

We were blessed with an amazing spring, and for the first time in my gardening life, I was able to plant before the 1st of June.

2015-05-31 09.56.27

Typically, our weather is so iffy, you’d be crazy to plant before then.

2015-05-31 09.56.07

We only had to cover the seedlings three times throughout spring because of frost danger. Unheard of!

2015-05-31 10.02.59

And now because we’ve had such fabulous weather, I have lettuce, kale, swiss chard, spinach, a plethora of herbs, and radishes that are ready for harvest. I put numerous types of tomato plants in the soil 2 weeks ago and they are growing like crazy.

2015-05-31 09.56.38

Soon, the carrots, green onions, peas, beets, squash, and tomatoes will be ready.

2015-05-31 09.57.29

I’ve told you before how much I love gardening. If you’ve never had a little vegetable plot of your own, I’m telling you…you’re missing out on a wonderful experience.

2015-05-31 10.03.53

Gardening is essential to my well-being. So is reading, and praying, and cooking, and walking the dogs… but gardening, just soothes the soul in so many different ways.

It’s brings such immense satisfaction to have a garden, watching everything grow from even the tiniest of seeds.

2015-05-31 10.04.53

Then, being able to walk right out your back door, cut bits of this and that, and have a meal?

2015-05-31 10.03.59

Such fun, and leaps and bounds more satisfying than driving to the store and buying it.

2015-05-31 10.05.19

I’ve planted in two waves, so if I’ve calculated right and the weather is nice to us, we’ll have fresh vegetables all summer.

2015-05-31 10.05.30

Look at those beauties.

2015-05-31 10.25.09

And finally, dinner last night fresh from the garden, accompanied by a good book and sweet Abigail who is never far from my side.

2015-06-01 17.59.42

2015-05-31 11.29.34

Grilled Lunch & Garden Therapy


2015-05-01 12.24.37

When I hear someone say they “hate” to garden, the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I have to seriously question whether we are going to be able to be friends.

2015-04-30 11.12.11

What’s next…they’re going to tell me they don’t like to read either? Or they hate the sun? Or kittens and puppies are ugly? Chocolate is bad for you? Massages are horrible?

2015-04-30 11.10.14

But seriously, in my world, gardening is a privilege, a blessing, and an inexpensive form of mental health therapy that keeps my head from exploding and reminds me there is so much beauty to experience even right in my own back yard.

High tech gardening tool.

High tech gardening tool.

My mom is retired now and is really embracing gardening since she has some free time on her hands. We’ve been out and about searching for flowers for our yards, containers, and window boxes, picking up little items here and there.

2015-04-28 11.57.04

 We both get equally excited over an interesting plant or flower we’ve never seen.

2015-05-01 13.46.48

2015-05-01 13.47.29

My Grandma, my mother’s mom, was an amazing gardener. Some of my fondest memories are of her garden or me stopping by and finding her digging in her garden with a big floppy sun hat. I can still smell and feel her garden when I think about it. So many gorgeous flowers and neat little surprises tucked here and there.

2015-05-01 13.46.29

Surprises that people who “hate” gardening would never notice or appreciate, sadly. My heart aches for them. Picking fresh vegetables out of her garden and eating them right on the spot and snacking on raspberries off of her bushes was a true treat.

2015-04-30 11.10.14

I was never ever told “no” if I wanted to pick something or discouraged from digging or poking around. And to this day, I have never been able to find a plum or apricot that tasted like the ones on her trees. Just being in her garden was a pure blessing in itself.

2015-04-30 11.10.06

The house we’re in now doesn’t have a lot of ideal gardening space. Tony wanted low maintenance “flower” beds that are full of rock, so I’ve had to improvise with raised bed containers for my vegetables and herbs. The downside is that I can’t plant as much as I’d like, but the upside is that with it all contained, there will be less weeding, if any.

2015-04-30 11.17.16

2015-04-30 11.17.49

For the last couple of days I’ve been planting things here and there.

2015-05-01 14.07.59

2015-05-01 14.07.49

2015-05-01 14.07.33

We are having a very rare for us, early spring. I planted my vegetable seedlings 2 weeks ago and now each day new sprouts are coming up. I’m going to try something different this year. Every time I pull something to eat, I’m going to plop another seed in. If we continue to have a long growing season, then that should give us veggies clear into late Fall. We’ll see how it works.

2015-04-30 11.18.10

Spending a day in the garden is my all around, heal everything salve. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the smell of fresh earth… Deer are milling around in the hills. Robins are hunting for worms in the grass. Abigail is sunning herself. That peaceful feeling…there’s nothing like it. And as if those things aren’t reward enough, you get to watch things grow and change. It’s extremely satisfying.

Add a grilled, relaxing lunch out on the patio to a gardening day, and you really can’t get much closer to a perfect day.

2015-05-01 10.35.03

Grilled Chicken Legs

5-6 Chicken legs. Place them in a plastic bag with about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, about 1/2 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce, a good amount of Sriracha, about 1 Tablespoon of coconut sugar, about 1 teaspoon of sea salt, about 1 Tablespoon of dried oregano (or fresh)…and marinate for 2 hours before grilling on medium.

2015-05-01 12.22.05

2015-05-01 10.42.34

Grilled Yellow Squash

 1 Squash cut in half lengthwise, drizzle with olive oil, season with garlic powder and sea salt. Sprinkle with fresh herbs. I used rosemary and thyme. Grill to aldente.

2015-05-01 11.58.43

A Big Tight Hug & An Amazing Avocado Dressing


2015-04-30 11.39.17

On Monday we found out that my schizophrenic aunt, Nan, had been evicted from her apartment a week prior and had been taken to a shelter by the apartment management. The management had my mother’s phone number in her file and never bothered to tell anyone what they had done. Her things were packed and stored and will be kept for 45 days. Then, at 45 days the manager told me they usually “dispose of it”. Her apartment was filled with her mother’s, my grandmother’s, family heirlooms and antiques and everything Nan owns in this world. We were also told we would either need Nan’s notarized signature or a court order to remove any of her things from their storage.

After trying to track her down, Tuesday we found out that she was not at the shelter that the apartment manager supposedly said they took her to, nor at any other shelter in town, and we were advised to file a missing person’s report.

2015-04-30 11.22.25

The authorities told us that if “they happened to see her” they would pick her up, but they wouldn’t seek her out. Tuesday morning came and took us all on a fast track in the direction of the worst possible scenarios… that try as you might, you absolutely cannot get out of your head. I grabbed mom and we ran errands in hopes of trying to control the worry welling inside of us. Samantha, her oldest daughter, had to deal with these feelings while in training for a new job in Seattle and handling phone calls from the sheriff and mom and I. And the youngest daughter, Amanda, I’m assuming was trying to figure out the impossible task of concentrating in class in her first semester in college.

Yesterday, after a fitful night of sleep I decided to post a bit of the story and prayer requests here on the blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook. I had already been praying of course, but when people band together, miraculous things can happen. “For where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am among them”. ~ Matthew 18:20 This is where my BIG TIGHT HUG to all of you comes in. I was so blessed and amazed by all of the support, kind words, and prayers. You will never know what it means to our family that you took time from your own lives, busy schedules, and your own issues, to pray for our family and to pray for Nan’s safety. Your comments here and on Facebook kept the panic from getting completely out of control. Within 2 hours of posting those prayer requests, a story that could have ended in any number of terrible and life changing ways for our family, has a happy ending.

There were some conflicting stories with the complex management yesterday, but luckily my mother took matters into her own hands and visited the police station. An extremely kind detective sat with her for over an hour and did some serious detective work to try to figure out what had happened. Long story short, she had changed hands between a few police officers, shelters, and a hospital. She was dropped at a shelter by police, but then was not cooperating. New officers took her to the psyche unit at the hospital where she was evaluated. Then the hospital moved her to another psychiatric facility which I’m guessing is run by the state.

2015-04-30 11.32.22

She is safe and she is in a psychiatric facility where they are evaluating her. The facility was given her daughter’s number so that if Nan chose to, she could call us. With the current mental health laws, family members are at a complete loss when it comes to helping another family member with mental illness unless that person requests help. They wouldn’t even tell us the exact facility where she was being held.

The great news? Nan called Samantha yesterday afternoon. They are stabilizing her meds, she was thinking clearly, and she asked for help. Samantha also mentioned that Nan told her she loved her numerous times. Something Samantha hasn’t heard in a very, very, long time. Nan agreed to sign the paperwork so we could get her things that are being held by the apartment complex. Sam will be coming this weekend and Nan is looking forward to the visit. The facility will not let her leave until she has housing. All huge blessings and prayers answered.

There’s always a reason for everything. I have a difficult time remembering that when something so seemingly impossible to handle comes along. There is a huge dark cloud, but it definitely has a silver lining. The dark cloud of course, is that this isn’t the first time and most likely won’t be the last time we will have challenges with my aunt because this type of mental illness is relentless and evil.  The silver lining, is that had she not run out of money, had she not stopped paying her rent, had they not evicted her, and had the police not been involved, she wouldn’t be getting the help that she is getting right now.

The state does not intervene in any way unless someone is broke  and has proven to be dangerous to themselves or others. Now that she is homeless, broke and mentally ill (some of all of our worst nightmares rolled into one)…where you would think that prevention instead of waiting until things are in their worst possible state would be the way to go… this backward process of helping the mentally ill, will now after about 15 years of hell, be helpful to her. She will be assigned a case worker and will hopefully begin to get the counseling, medication monitoring, and housing that she so desperately needs. And this time thankfully, all of the pieces came together quickly and the outcome is so much better than what we were bracing ourselves for.

2015-04-30 11.36.09

Every. Thing. Happens. For. A. Reason. Even when it seems awful, even when it is awful. Even when it doesn’t happen the exact way you want it to or the timeline or the details don’t make sense. Things must work out a certain way to fulfill God’s plan for our lives. That is a simple enough statement to understand, yet an enormously complex reality when you’re in the thick of something terrible.

Thank you again for your generosity of heart and prayers. From those of you we know well, and those of you we have never met. You will never know the depth and impact that kind of love has on us.

Blessings and Big Tight Hugs, from my family to you.

~ April

Cilantro Lime Avocado Dressing

This recipe is adapted from my mom’s recipe.

2 Ripe Avocados

1 1/2 Cups of Cilantro

Juice of 1 Lime

3 Cloves of Garlic

1/2 Cup of EVOO

2-3 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, depending on how tart you like your dressing

1 1/2 teaspoons of Coconut Sugar

1/2 teaspoon of Sea Salt

1/2 Cup (maybe a bit more to thin it out) of Filtered Water

Place all the ingredients in a Nutribullet, blender, or food processor and blend until smooth. You may have to shake and scrape the sides once or twice to get it all incorporated. Serve on anything you like, it’s absolutely delicious!

A Special Prayer Request & A Shameful Mental Health Care System


My schizophrenic aunt has been missing for two weeks. She was evicted from her apartment two weeks ago, and none of us were informed until two days ago. Evidently, she told the apartment complex she could no longer pay her rent and they supposedly dropped her off at a shelter. Yet, none of the shelters in our town have any record of her.

You may or may not know someone with schizophrenia or mental illness, but they can be very difficult to deal with. For a while she was in contact with the family and then began to go through rages and not wanting to speak to us. Her daughters haven’t heard from her in months and couldn’t get a hold of her. I talked to her one month ago to check up on her and our conversation was less than 2 minutes and she hung up on me because she didn’t believe what I was telling her. Prior to that, the only time I would hear from her personally, was when she would leave long incoherent messages on my voicemail. Her cousin, who has checked in with her monthly for years, called my mom sobbing two weeks after that because my aunt would not believe that she was who she said she was and became very violent. She can be horrible to deal with, unpredictable, and scary. She has been taken over by an illness that has stolen everything we knew and loved and cherished about her. She is a completely different person that the woman we grew up with. After years and years of trying to reason with her, get her to help herself, and monitor her behavior, we all had to come to a place of acceptance. People with schizophrenia don’t think clearly, obviously, so to get them to cooperate by taking their medication, keeping in touch, and taking care of themselves is mostly, impossible. Sometimes the best you can hope for is a check in. So you at least know they are where they are supposed to be and are still alive. Imagine that being what your biggest hope is for a family member? I know that we are not the only ones having to deal with tragedies like this and the mental health care system in the U.S. is absolutely shameful.

The worst part is that the government has given the mentally ill person all the rights, and the families and loved ones have none. She refused to give my mom power of attorney for medical care. So even when she is checked into a psyche unit, emergency room, or shelter, the only way we’ll know is if she wants us to know. Her phone isn’t always working and all of our numbers are stored in it. So, no phone, no numbers to get a hold of us. We have zero rights and zero resources to be able to get her the help she needs. The fact that the government would put a person who is not capable of making logical decisions on their own, charge of their own health care is mind boggling and absolutely devastating to the family members who are trying to help them. It is like watching a slow and excruciating horror film where you know the ending is not going to be a relief. Her 25 year old daughter who just started her dream job two days ago, told me yesterday that she feels that she is now at the point where she will get the call where she will have to identify her mom’s body. Her youngest daughter has just started college. Having an ill mother has changed their lives in innumerable ways and waiting for the other shoe to drop for years and years while having NO rights to help their mom has been devastating to say the least.

My aunt was hospitalized for I think the 4th time about a year ago because she was arrested for hitting her brother (whom she was living with) in the head with a water glass, my mom was told that the state would do absolutely nothing for her until she ran out of money. At the time she ends up broke, if she had the wherewithal to seek help, she would then need to apply for state support and then would begin to get the resources she needs. Just absolutely unbelievable. We are assuming that because she cannot pay her rent that she is now out of money.  The sheriff’s department and the crisis center are now involved, but they won’t actively seek her. If they see her, they will pick her up and if we see her and she won’t willingly come with us, we can supposedly call them to take her against her will. Only at that point, now that she is homeless, broke, out of her mind, and missing, will we be able to begin to hopefully work within the system to get her what she needs. One can’t help but see the cruel irony in this.

Prayers for her safety first and foremost would be so deeply appreciated. Prayers that we find her quickly, and prayers for strength and peace for our family are needed.

And because I know that I have the kindest, most caring, followers in the blogging world, I know that I can count on those of you who pray.

 Love & Blessings to You ~  April


We have some serious prayer warriors! One hour after posting prayer requests on FB, Twitter, and the blog, my aunt has been FOUND! Mom went to the spokane valley police dept. and a detective there worked on it for an hour with her. They tracked her down. She was taken to a shelter, then was non compliant so the city police took her to the hospital. She was there for an evaluation and then was moved to one of their psychiatric facilities called for further evaluation. They cannot tell us which facility, but someone will call when she is going to be released. Now that she is in the “system” and homeless, the state will intervene and she will hopefully get some support and they will let us get involved. Thank you so much for your prayers, you will never know how much it means to us. Blessings to all of you!

Healthy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats



If you’ve been following my blog for a while you already know how important it is to get and keep our gut microbiomes healthy. Aside from soul and spirit, your gut is the epicenter of your body. If it’s unhealthy (candida, leaky gut, stress, etc.), you’re unhealthy.


Well the same goes for your pets!

You can feed them special pet probiotics, or make your own probiotic treats, it’s very easy.


But remember (!!) dogs and other animals can’t eat a lot of things that we can eat.


Here’s a few lists to check so you can make sure you’re choosing the right fruits and vegetables to feed your favorite fur babies.

Fruits & Veggies For Pets

10 Best Fruits & Vegetables for Dogs

Dog Approved People Food

All you need are a few fruits and vegetables, plain greek yogurt, mini ice cube trays, and a blender. It’s that simple. I used 1 Cup of plain greek yogurt, about 1/4 cup spinach, about 3/4 cup of blueberries, 1/4 cup mango, and one very ripe frozen banana. You can check the lists and add anything in any combination you may think your pets will enjoy.


Put it all in a blender, whiz it up, and then pour it into mini-ice cube trays. I put mine on a cookies sheet and stuck them in the freezer for two hours to set before removing them from the trays. Then, I shook them out into a storage container and popped them back in the freezer where they’ll last at least a month.

It’s very convenient to just grab a couple to feed your pets each day. Their small enough that they can be eaten quickly without making a mess. If you have really small pets, I would cut them in half after removing them from the trays.

SO easy and your pets will love having a special, healthy treat added to their diet!


Here’s a list of foods NOT to feed your pets:

Foods You Should NOT Feed Your Dogs

Dangerous Foods Your Dogs Should Never Eat

What Foods Are Toxic For Dogs

Peace & Health ~ And a Few Other Tidbits



Happy New Year!

I absolutely love the refreshing start of a new year. So many possibilities lie ahead.

Do you make a New Year’s Resolution list? I typically make one every year. I really enjoy looking back on the previous year and thinking about all the great things we accomplished and all of the challenges we faced. Then I sit down with pen in hand and scribble down a few things I’d like to focus on more throughout the following year.

This year I’ve chosen two words to pray about and focus on.




Peace, because I think far too often we get caught up in the craziness of this world and allow the chaos of it and other people to get us off track. Before we know it, we’re being pulled away from what’s really important and life just seems to rush by in a cloud of running around and living life to “just get things done or get it over with”. I hate that. As a Christian I know that I have all the peace I want if I could just slow down, take control of what I do and do not want, learn how to say “no!”, and enjoy it without feeling guilty. So much of what stresses us out, makes us dread a situation, or makes us feel like there’s never enough time, is all because we didn’t put our foot down when necessary or handle our time properly. Peace is a process and I want more of it.

Health, because for me it’s a struggle.  Every day I am at some level of “sick” and although some days are certainly better than others and typically I function quite well even when feeling sick, I’m going to spend even more time focusing on the holistic, natural, healing of Lyme Disease. Much of this can be done with food, exercise, natural supplements and natural antibiotics. I’ll keep you posted and share what works for me.


On top of my two favorite words for 2015, I also make a little list of things I want to spend more time focusing on. Not a list to stress me out or overwhelm me, or make me feel bad. Little reminders of things I think have room for improvement:

1. Use my time more wisely.

2. Be more mindful of the words I speak and think. No more dwelling on an issue.

3.  Pray more. About everything. All the time.

4. Really think about the “should-s” and “have to-s”. Necessary?

5. Choose wisely. All things. People. Situations.

6. Love more. Praise more. Laugh more. Relax more.

7. Let go of the heavy things.

8. More Joy.

So that’s it. Nothing fancy, or outlandish, or anything anyone cannot accomplish. But they are all things that sometimes fall by the wayside when we allow life to get messy or we forget who is in control.

I would love to hear your resolutions if you make them! Or things you like to focus on for a new year.


 “And every day, the world will drag you by the hand yelling, ‘This is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!’ And each day it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.”

~Iain Thomas

Happy New Year to you and your families. Exciting things are ahead! Here’s to a healthy, joy filled, peaceful, 2015!

Lemon Blueberry Snack Bread

1/2 Cup of Coconut Flour

1/2 Cup of Arrowroot Flour

1 Tablespoon of Baking Powder

1/8 teaspoon of Sea Salt

4 Eggs

Zest of 1 Medium Lemon

Juice of 1 Medium Lemon

1/2 Cup of Coconut Sugar

1/2 Cup of Full Fat Coconut Milk

1/4 Cup of Dairy Free Butter, melted (maybe coconut oil…I haven’t tried it)

1 Cup of Frozen Blueberries

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and Spray an 8 1/2 by 4/12 (5 cup) baking dish with coconut oil and line with parchment. 

In a medium bowl, whisk together the flours, baking powder, salt and lemon zest, and coconut sugar and set aside. In another bowl, whisk the eggs and coconut milk. Pour the egg mixture into the flour mixture and add the lemon juice and melted butter. Stir together just until combined, then fold in the blueberries. Pour into the prepared pan and bake for 30-35 minutes.


*You can also blend coconut sugar in a high-powered mixer (vitamix) to make coconut sugar powdered sugar. I did not do that for this recipe just for aesthetic purposes. I wanted a white frosting rather than brown. I think if you use the coconut sugar then the whole recipe would be considered “Paleo”. But Paleo itself is a rather relative label.

About 1 1/2 Cups of Corn Free Organic Powdered Sugar

Juice of 1 Small Lemon

About 2 Tablespoons of Melted Dairy Free Butter

Depending on how juicy your lemon is, you may have to adjust the dry or the wet ingredients a bit. Whisk thoroughly until thickened and of spreading consistency. Not too runny, you only want it to lightly drip down the sides.

December ~ The Fastest Month of The Year


I hope your holiday season was all you wished it would be and that you were able to spend it with the people you love. It just seems to speed right by, doesn’t it? Ours went by in a blink.

It was a month mixed full of all kinds of busy and crazy. You may remember the “tree issue”.


Once that was under control Tony and I ended up under the weather for two weeks.


 He’s working in hospitals now and I think he’s bringing home all kinds of germs we’re not used to.

I’ve stocked him up on all natural Thieve’s essential oil spray, lozenges, and hand sanitizers in hopes that he’ll kill all the bad germs before he gets in his car to come home. When sick germs come in, I end up with a Lyme flare up and it’s a big hassle because it lingers much longer than a normal cold or flu and the symptoms are highly unpleasant.


(photo courtesy of Essential Wellness)

Thankfully, about 3 days before Christmas I was up and out of bed and able to catch up. I even managed to finally make a decent batch of coconut milk yogurt! Two in fact. One plain and one with vanilla bean.


I also worked on a few more home made body products to add to my mom’s gift basket.


(Sugar, sea salt, jojoba oil, lemon essential oil, and turmeric)


(Avocado oil and coconut oil)


(Hand scrub with epsom salt, coconut sugar, peppermint and lemon essential oils, and olive oil)

hand scrub

Even after being ill for a couple of weeks Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas turned out to be very relaxing and  a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve Brandon had to work so we picked my mom up and looked at all of the Christmas lights around town. People can get so creative.

This is my friend Julie’s house. Just gorgeous inside and out!


(photo courtesy of Julie Chattin Taylor)

This tree was a sight to see. Not a branch without a light.


(photo courtesy of Julie Chattin Taylor)

I set aside the guilt and stress of not having the time to bake all of my traditional cookies and candies after my husband said, “Just relax and do what you can. Forget the rest.” Relax? What’s that? I hate to see traditions fall by the wayside. It was a challenge but once I embraced it, it was full steam ahead.


I made two types of candy only. Peppermint Bark and my Powerhouse Candy Bars. Easy peasy.

Christmas morning we didn’t start the festivities until 11:00 and enjoyed a nice brunch before opening packages.




It was such an enjoyable, relaxing day. Brandon and Josh have been best friends since the 3rd grade. We were happy he was able to spend some of Christmas day with us in between his family stops.








Santa is always very generous with the stocking stuffers. There’s always overflow so he leaves the rest in gift bags on the floor.


We kept the gifts under the well-behaved tree.


This is Brandon multi tasking. On his phone with AT&T setting up my new phone while opening a gift.


It took us 3 hours to open gifts in between chatting and fiddling around with already opened gifts. It was nice not to have to rush or hurry. Christmas day and time with family and friends should be savored!


Once gifts were opened and things were organized, we couldn’t believe we were ready to eat again. Somehow the holidays allow for bigger stomachs.


Early evening brought a delicious Korobuta ham, roasted asparagus, steamed potatoes (because I forgot to roast them) with ham gravy, kale salad, and a cauliflower and broccoli gratin. There’s also supposed to be a beautiful home made cranberry sauce…but that was forgotten in the fridge.


The forgotten sauce… with cranberries, coconut sugar, orange juice, cinnamon, and clove.


We fell into bed with satisfied tummies thankful for the love of family and friends and incredibly thankful for the blessing of being back home near our son.

Morning brought a quick house clean up, Tony hiked the dogs and we prepared for another wave of guests. Brandon was on call for work so came back and forth to visit when he could.



Somehow we managed to eat even more food. We had a great time visiting with Tony’s sister and her family and Tony’s mom.

Yesterday we lounged and enjoyed the quiet day. Brandon came over to help us with some technology stuff. We’d be living in the technological dark ages without him. And then we headed out into the snow with the dogs for a refreshing walk.

Today Tony and Brandon are skiing as we have finally had our first real snowfall.


(photo courtesy of Brandon Policani)


(photo courtesy of Brandon Policani)

As for me…well. It’s 11:30 AM and I’m still roaming around in my pajamas. Going to do a little this and a little that and get the small list together I make every year for my New Year’s Resolutions. Do you do that? I love it. I love new beginnings and fresh starts and things to look forward to. Plus, I think it’s good for us to do an inventory of the previous year and see if there’s anything we’d like to add or tweak or purge.

One thing we’re really looking forward to is the big gift we bought ourselves for Christmas.


A therapeutic hot tub. It will be installed Friday morning. 60 jets, seats that massage the back of your thighs, reflexology foot jets…you name it, it’s got it and I cannot wait to lounge in it and watch the stars and soak up all of that fresh night air.

Happy Holidays from Tony and I and may the New Year bring an abundance of health and God’s blessings to you and your loved ones.